Factory of the Year Project Competition – Grand Prix 2023

Factory of the Year Project Competition – Grand Prix 2023

At the Factory of the Year project competition Losonczi Innovation Kft. won the main prize, as our company was awarded the Grand Prix in the category of company with a turnover of less than HUF 1 billion.


The GyártásTrend technology magazine has been organizing the Factory of the Year competition since 2015 to find the manufacturing company of the year and the winners of the announced categories based on a complex system of criteria. In 2023, it announced the Factory of the Year Project Competition for the first time, continuing the spirit of the previous Factory of the Year competitions and adapting to the challenges of our time. The factories could apply with industrial projects that increase the efficiency of their production.


In addition to the main prize, we also won the most innovative project of the year category with our AXIS Pro measuring device. This increased the number of professional recognitions awarded to the measuring machine to seven.

The most innovative project of the year in manufacturing

The most innovative project of the year in manufacturing

Our AXIS PRO measuring device has now won six domestic and one international professional award, since in the spring of 2023 it won the category ‘The most innovative project of the year in manufacturing’ of the Factory of the Year project competition!


In 2023, the GyártásTrend technology magazine announced the Factory of the Year Project Competition for the first time, continuing the spirit of the previous Factory of the Year competitions and adapting to the challenges of our time, with industrial projects that increase the efficiency of production.

It was a great honour for us that our AXIS PRO measuring machine was found worthy of the award from the illustrious range of competition, in which, among others, Knorr-Bremse Railway Systems Hungária Kft. and Ganz Transzformátor- és Electricity Forgópéggyártó Kft. also participated with their projects.

Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year 2022

Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year 2022

Losonczi Innovation Kft. received the great honour of being awarded the Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year 2022 title in the small and medium-sized enterprise category.

Founded in 2015 by the Count Széchenyi Family, the Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year award was created to direct the attention of economic actors to such eternal values as entrepreneurial honour, dignity, diligence and the will to do something for the common good, the nation, and the country.

It is a huge recognition for us that, in the spirit of this, the Count Széchenyi Family awarded our company the main prize, emphasizing the ethical and responsible operation of our company.

All members of the Losonczi family took part in the award ceremony, CEO István Losonczi, managing director Magdolna Losoncziné Petrovszki, managing director, jr. István Losonczi and Magdaléna Losonczi, marketing manager.

Quality Innovation Award 2022 – International prize

Quality Innovation Award 2022 – International prize

AXIS PRO is conquering the world after its successes at home!

By winning the national award for Quality Innovation, we became eligible to participate in the International Quality Innovation Award competition, where we won a prize in the Business Innovation small and medium-sized enterprise category. The prize, founded by the President of Finland in 2007, is currently awarded in 20 countries around the world to outstanding innovation achievements, which are then competing in the international competition.

And the award ceremony took place at a really special location, in the Kazakh city of Almaty, where our three-person delegation, István Losonczi managing director, Magdaléna Losonczi marketing manager and Zoltán Bondár COO, received the prestigious recognition.

It is a great honour for a small family business from Békéscsaba, to have our product recognised with such a prestigious international award.

Quality Innovation 2022- National Award

Quality Innovation 2022- National award

AXIS Pro’s success continues with prizes! Our measuring device won the prestigious national award in the Small and medium-sized enterprise category at the Quality Innovation 2022 competition thanks to the professional jury’s verdict. The award was presented by Dr. Pál Molnár, the president of the EOQ MNB Association, to managing director István Losonczi and operational manager Zoltán Bondár, who then presented our measuring device to the audience of the award ceremony.

Founded in 2007 by the President of Finland, it is currently awarded in 20 countries for outstanding innovation achievements. And the innovations with the highest national scores qualify to compete at the international level.

Business Ethics Award 2022

Business Ethics Award 2022

In 2022, Losonczi Innovation was deemed worthy of winning the Business Ethics Award in the Small Business category. The award, founded 23 years ago by Mária Demcsák and Professor Ervin László, was once again given this year to 10 excellent companies, thus joining the circle of 130 members who can forever hold the title of the Business Ethics Award. It’s a great honor for us to be members of such an illustrious company and we will proudly bear the label of a business ethical company.

The jury’s assessment of our company:

“The multi-generational tool manufacturing company in Békéscsaba is simply good-hearted. What they have, they share it with others. And they do this as the best employer and the holder of many professional awards. An excellent, ethical company.”

You can read the article about the award ceremony and the awarded companies at the following link:


Mach-Tech & Automotive exhibition 2022

Mach-Tech & Automotive exhibition 2022

At the Mach-Tech Industry Days & Automotive exhibition, thousands of curious visitors were keen to see the newest innovations of the domestic and international industry. The star of the Losonczi Innovation stand was clearly our Mach-Tech Grand Prix winner AXIS PRO measuring device served by a robot, but the separate control unit of our MASTER measuring machine family called the Master Box was likewise a great success with the crowd. At our stand, visitors could also observe our special gear measuring equipment, which is suitable for in-process measurement of all manufactured gears and can be easily adjusted. Conveniently, all our measuring instruments run with our self-developed METRIX control program. Among our smaller products, those interested could view various collets and indexable cutting tools.

Forbes interview

Forbes interview

What do you need for a successful generational change?

Successful generational change 2021 – Losonczi Innovation Kft. At the tool manufacturing company founded in 1995, the second generation now has a place in management. According to István Losonczi, the company manager, the change did not go without minor dents. “At first, it was hard for everyone to find their role in the new structure, to strike a balance so that we can work effectively as a company management team as well as a family,” he says, while also knowing that his parents didn’t have an easy task. “It’s not easy to let go of the control as a parent and as a business leader, you need a lot of trust in your children.” Fortunately, this was the case with Losonczi Innovation, and the change was good for the company overall. “We got the necessary space from our parents to develop, an opportunity to bring new perspectives and ideas into the company. The parents successfully passed on their knowledge, and the second generation made good use of what they learned from them, thus forming a well-functioning partnership in the management of the company,” explains István Losonczi. This will also be needed if the company is to meet the challenges posed by industry 4.0 and the transformation of the automotive industry, but its progress is already shown by the fact that AXIS PRO – the first member of their new PRO product family – received in 2021 the Special Purpose Machine of the Year award. And for its design, it won a special award, confirming that it was not in vain that the company had recently devoted significant resources to the design of their machines in addition to its internal values.

EMO Milano exhibition 2021

EMO Milano exhibition 2021

The EMO Milano 2021 exhibition was once again attended by a large number of visitors from all over the world, who were curious about what innovations and technological developments the more than 700 exhibiting companies had showcased. True to tradition, the largest tool and machine industry companies were all represented in the 6 halls, covering 100,000 m2 of total exhibition area. The exhibition was a major milestone in the life of Losonczi Innovation, as for the first time we were able to join the international community showcasing the latest metalworking trends and innovative technologies as a co-exhibitor at a joint stand with NCT Ipari Elektronikai Kft.

The more than 3,500 exhibited machines, the total value of which exceeded half a billion euros, represented the pinnacle of the metalworking industry, and we are proud that our AXIS PRO measuring device was one of them.

AXIS PRO - Mach-Tech Grand Prix Awards 2022

AXIS PRO - Mach-Tech Grand Prix Awards 2022

The Mach-Tech Industry Days and Automotive exhibition re-opened its doors after 3 years, on May 10 2022, where the Mach-Tech Grand Prix Awards were also ceremoniously presented.
István Losonczi, managing director of tour company, received the Mach-Tech Grand Prix for our AXIS PRO measuring device from Dr. László György, Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Gábor Ganczer, CEO of HUNGEXPO Zrt. and Dr. János Takács, president of the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering. Following the ceremony, the prestigious award giving company also visited our stand to see the four-time award-winning measuring machine in person.

Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix 2021 - special recognition

Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix 2021 - special recognition

Our AXIS Pro measuring machine has won another award! Our application received special recognition at the gala of the 30th Hungarian Innovation Award 2021. The award was presented by Dr. Zoltán Birken, President of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation, to our founder & CEO, István Losonczi, and to our managing director, Jr. István Losonczi.
It is a great honour for us to receive the special recognition for successful innovation in such an illustrious company!

Responsible Employer of the Year 2020

Responsible Employer of the Year 2020

We are very proud that Losonczi Innovation Kft. won the Responsible Employer of the Year 2020 award in the small business category at the OFA Responsible Employer of the Year Gala held on November 13, 2021. The award ceremony was opened by the Minister of Innovation and Technology, Prof. Dr. László Palkovics, who emphasized in his speech that exemplary employer programs and efforts aimed at long-term retention of the workforce are essential for sustainable economic development. It is a great honour for us that out of more than 200 applying companies, we achieved first place in our category, and with this we can contribute to the promotion of a human-centered and responsible employer company culture.

K&H Family Companies Excellence Award

K&H Family Companies Excellence Award

In 2021, for the sixth time, K&H Bank awarded family businesses that are at the forefront of their exemplary solutions in terms of innovation, long-term strategy, social responsibility and generational change.

We are very proud that Losonczi Innovation Kft. has won the K&H Family Companies Excellence Award in the category of Successful Generational Change and Family Values at the Forbes Gala held on September 2, 2021 at Festetics Palace in Budapest.

We are particularly pleased with this award, as one of the most important values of our company is that we are a family business. And this prestigious recognition is tangible proof that the values and strategies that our company founders laid down more than 25 years ago provide the right foundation for successful generational change and long-term development.

AXIS Pro – Hungarian Design Award 2020

AXIS Pro – Design Award 2020

In addition to the applied cutting-edge technologies, design also plays an increasingly important role in the production line machine market. And Losonczi Innovation intended to be among the first to present cutting-edge technology in the adequate design.

When designing the outer casing of the AXIS PRO measuring device, it was important that the design reflected the many years of engineering that Losonczi Innovation had invested in the development of the measuring machine. Nothing proves better that AXIS PRO has achieved this goal than the fact that in 2020 it won the special award of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office at the Hungarian Design Award Gala

In the design competition organized as part of the Budapest Design Week, we applied with the following competition video in cooperation with Remion Design Studio.

In the short film presenting our AXIS Pro measuring device, our general manager, István Losonczi, describes the operation of the axis measuring machine and it’s also self-developed software, as well as the course we took from the initial ideas to the design prize winning plans.

AXIS PRO competition video

AXIS Pro – Special Purpose Machine of the Year 2021

AXIS Pro – Special Purpose Machine of the Year 2021

With the development of Industry 4.0 and robotisation, there is an increasing demand at automotive companies for the automatic in-process measurement of parts. The AXIS PRO measuring device was developed in order to serve this market demand.

The machine won the measuring device category at the first Hungarian Industrial Special Purpose Machine Grand Prix in 2021, thus earning the Industrial Special Purpose Machine of the Year title.

The distinguished professional jury included, among others, leading experts of Knorr-Bremse, KUKA and Linamar and professors of the Budapest University of Technology, thus it is a special honour to receive this prize!

We are very proud that the fruit of our labour and craftsmanship – after the design award in 2020 – has won this prestigious engineering award, hence a wider audience in the industry got to know the now double award-winning AXIS PRO measuring device.

Mach -Tech 2019

Mach-Tech 2019

Our company has been participating in Mach-Tech Industry Days exhibitions since 2005. Every two years, this is our chance to meet our distant partners in person, discuss joint projects and create new solutions and plans, making way to future projects. Our presence at the Mach-Tech exhibition was especially important in 2019. This was the time when we introduced our renewed image to our partners. Since we wanted our corporate image to reflect our commitment to innovation and high quality, we felt the need to tailor the look of our brand to the expectations of the 21st century.

Eco-Hyb research project

Eco-Hyb research project

In cooperation with Austrian and Spanish companies, our company has participated in the ECO-HYB international research project. Funded by the EU, the main goal of the research was to develop economical and environmentally friendly cutting solutions for magnesium-based hybrid materials. The following website contains more information about the project: http://cordis.europa.eu/

2004 Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2004, István Losonczi received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

On the occasion of the annual general meeting, the Entrepreneurs of the Year in Békés County were greeted at the new headquarters of VOSZ on Andrássy Street in Békéscsaba. In 2004, four companies based in the county were awarded.

István Losonczi, the managing director of Losonczi Innovation Kft. in Békéscsaba, István Layer, the managing director of Layer Kft. in Szeghalom, Imre Sós, the managing director of Metab-Roll Kft. in Sarkad, as well as István Hocz and Mihály Medvegy, the managing directors of Hocz and Medvegy Kft in Békéscsaba were selected as Entrepreneurs of the Year.

A successful necessity entrepreneur

A successful necessity entrepreneur

What is the secret of sustainable development? What business strategies and outlook have helped our company operate as a successful business for 25 years? What did it take for the Losonczi brand to become synonymous with reliable high-quality products?
In 2014, in connection with the handover of our new factory hall, Logisztikai Híradó made a personal interview with the founder of our company, István Losonczi. This interview is included below.

He liked to be an employee. Even though he has always been an engineer, István Losonczi, the founder and manager of Losonczi Kft., managed to build one of the most successful enterprises in Békés county in less than two decades. The secret, perhaps, is that he does what he loves, he is not driven by profit, and he wanted to create an amiable working environment.

The road to a perfect tool leads through a multitude of misconceived tools, says István Losonczi. To his luck, he had already passed the period of misconceived tools by the time he founded his own business. He was able to learn from his previous mistakes, and is now able to service such giants as Audi Hungária, the Paks Nuclear Power Plant or GE Hungary. Looking at the career path of Losonczi Kft. and its founder, everything seems exceptionally smooth so far. However, as is the case of all success stories that may look seamless, there is a lot of hard work and smart decisions behind the positive result.

Mismanaged privatization

István Losonczi, a mechanical engineer, started working for a tool industry company in Békéscsaba in 1981. Before that, he had been involved in the construction of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant for a total of three years. His drive to always look for new solutions soon propelled him into the ranks of the department responsible for development, of which he would become the head a few years later. It was here that he learned the profession of manufacturing cutting tools and fell in love with the making of custom-designed cutting tools.

The regime change brought privatization and a new Italian owner into the life of the company. At this point, István Losonczi stayed with the company, without even thinking of starting his own business. “I always loved to be an employee”, he says. “I did not want to become an entrepreneur.” Yet by necessity, he would go on to take a very different career path. Employing 300 people when privatization struck, the well-established and prosperous company started losing its markets and its best employees fast. According to István Losonczi, the biggest problem was that the owner immediately took the profit out of the company, turning very little back into development. This was a valuable lesson to him, which he has not forgotten since.
Also, he was less and less satisfied with the environment. He couldn’t stand being held accountable for mistakes that he could not own up to. “I soon felt that I needed a change. Every morning, I had nervous cramps in my stomach when I went to work. In hindsight, I should be grateful that it happened this way. If the situation hadn’t been this unbearable, perhaps I would still be working there.” He learned through his own experience that there is something good in everything that goes wrong.

Standing on his own two feet

He took up on a job offer in Budapest, where a trading company was looking for a technical consultant with expertise in cutting. However, it soon became clear that they only wanted to employ him as an entrepreneur, and that he was not fit for the job of a traveling agent. Thus, in 1995, he took the path of independence, and founded Losonczi Kft. with his wife. In the first years, he used to be the only employee of the company.

Initially, the company was dealing only in tool trade, which István Losonczi has always regarded as an activity taken up only by necessity. He was interested in the design and manufacture of tools, especially custom-made tools. Therefore, he started designing tools again, and tried to have them manufactured in other workshops. However, this was not an easy thing to do. This is how he finally came to the decision to expand the company, and create its own production capacity.

Not having sufficient funds, the company took out a START loan of HUF 12 million. At the time, this seemed to be a huge amount of money. By investing the loaned sum and their own savings, the company was barely able to create a simple design software and acquire a second-hand milling machine that they fitted with five axes.   These are the humble beginnings of a company that now employs 27 people, and, in March, commissioned a Studer CNC grinder worth HUF 120 million in its self-owned 1,350 square meter production hall, which meets all European standards.

Losonczi Kft. at a glance

In 2012, the company’s sales revenue was HUF 360 million and its profit HUF 44 million. Last year, revenue fell slightly due to the construction of the new hall and the relocation of machinery. However, the company expects that this year’s turnover will exceed the 2012 figures. The company currently employs 27 people and has created six new jobs through the expansion.
All the major players in the industry are listed among their clients. Some of these: Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek, Rába Futómű Kft.

The winner of tenders

Over the past four years, Losonczi Kft. has won six EU tenders in various operational programs (TÁMOP, GOP, DAOP), five of which have already been completed. The largest of these was the recent completion of a factory hall. The company received a non-refundable grant of HUF 100 million to use in the investment worth nearly HUF 300 million.
According to István Losonczi, the successes are clearly attributable to their partner writing the applications. They conveniently take care of all the administrative burden, he says, so that he can focus on implementation, technical content and signature. In return, he is happy to pay the agreed success fee. ”I don’t feel that I lost 6.5 million out of 100 million HUF; rather that I won 93.5 million”, which is a small but significant difference in attitude.

– Why did you choose to make custom-designed tools?

This was my job even before the regime change. Few are able to make really good custom tools, because it requires special knowledge and experience. With enough money, anyone can buy a milling machine and a design software. However, fashioning a custom tool is more of an art. It needs meticulous design; the way the clamp tip is inserted makes all the difference; and the unique edge angles needed to achieve optimal cutting must be calculated with patience. This is what I do best. This is what I like doing. And this is what the market pays most for. With a custom tool, a part can be manufactured in, say, six minutes instead of ten, and you only need one tool instead of two. Just think about how much money this will save for a car factory that produces half a million identical parts.

– How is a small Hungarian business able to stay alive in the market segment?Most of our clients are large tool manufacturers from the West, who are present in Hungary in some form. Even though they have their own custom tooling department, they are often overburdened, and sometimes they need two to three months to fulfill an incoming order. This is when they come to us, since we are able to deliver in five or six weeks. Cost is not the first consideration; what they need is speed. Obviously, the quality must be top-notch. The tool must have the same consistency whether manufactured in Switzerland or in Hungary.

– What did it take to earn the trust of these foreign companies?It was not easy. They needed a lot of convincing that we are able to deliver high quality products. My network of contacts was of great help here. I had quite a few acquaintances at different companies. However, it would not have accounted for anything if we hadn’t been able to keep our promises and make good tools. Now that we successfully established ourselves, we have earned the trust of our clients, who will remember us when needed. While, in this industry, on average only 20 to 30 percent of all offers will be followed through, this percentage is over 50 percent for us, even though we are not known for being cheap. In the beginning, it was of great help to us that we signed a contract with INA in 2000, which tied down our capacity for three years. This profit enabled us to buy five machining tools at the same time.

“(…) I only take out from the profit what is absolutely necessary;
the rest is reinvested into development.”

– Are there any technical barriers to fulfilling orders? Are you always able to satisfy demand fully?
Today, the situation is much better than in the beginning. Still, we don’t have enough money to always buy the best or latest software or tools. However, this is not as much of a disadvantage as laymen might think. Designing custom tools is more about the human factor than technology; and this is what we are very good at. I can safely say that our workers are more skilled than their Western counterparts, and staff turnover is extremely low.
And if we need a tool for machining that we don’t have since we couldn’t fully exploit, we have just the right partners to whom we can entrust a special work phase.

– You are a bona fide engineer who become an entrepreneur by necessity. What business principles and strategy do you apply to your company?I learned about the mistakes committed by the Italian owner of my former company. One of the important things is that I only take out from the profit what is absolutely necessary; the rest is reinvested into development. I still live in the same apartment we built in 1986. I don’t have a vacation home, a sports car or an SUV.
Another important principle is not to over-mystify the economic issues. I always try to approach business with the rationality of an engineer.   I always look at the income and the profit, and decide how much of it I can invest. I’m sure that we could have developed faster if we had used loans to buy machines, but I do not like to overreach. I like to finish what I have started, and I will not build a hall if money may run out halfway into the project. Also, I am proud of paying my bills on time, which is not typical among Hungarian entrepreneurs.
The final pillar of our business model is diversity. Once we established ourselves as makers of custom-designed tools, we ventured into new areas. The first of these areas was the design and manufacture of special devices for gripping workpieces. In 2005, we began making special measuring instruments for automotive suppliers that are able to check all the desired dimensions of parts in mere minutes, and record them on a computer. The three areas of activity complement each other well, and if demand falls in one area, there is a good chance we can make up for the missing revenue from the other two areas. It is partly due to our diversity that we survived the crisis almost unscathed—only the year 2009 was a little unprofitable.

– In 2004, you received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Is this your greatest achievement?I cannot say that I was not pleased, as I hadn’t received any honors or recognition earlier. The award confirmed that others also think that I’m good in what I do. However, I think that my greatest achievement is that I only had to dismiss a single person in 18 years, because my employees are just as dedicated to the success of the company as I am. Many of them have proudly showed their family around the newly completed hall, because they are delighted to have the chance to work here. Everybody pulls their weight without being told to do so. I managed to create a company where it is pleasant to work—just the way I would have wanted when I was still an employee.

Attila Schopp

Logisztikai Híradó 2014/2

Inauguration of a new hall

Inauguration of a new hall

In 2013, a long-cherished dream came true when our company moved to its own premises. Keeping in mind both innovation and sustainability, we have built a factory hall that will be able to serve the constantly changing customer demand in the upcoming decades, while maintaining modern, high-quality working conditions for our employees.
The inauguration ceremony was also reported in the newspaper of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ). You can read the interview made on the occasion of the inauguration below.

The Second Inauguration in the Almáskerti Industrial Park

The success of a VOSZ member company
Once again, the partners, friends, investment stakeholders and media representatives were invited to an inauguration by Losonczi Kft. The company inaugurated their new factory hall in December, and now they have presented the machines they would use in the nearly 1,500 square-meter building.

Losonczi Kft. from Békéscsaba is a dynamically growing company that has been dealing in precision tool manufacturing since 1995. Handed over for the second time, the factory hall, now complete with a new measuring room, represents a technical standard and value that is unique in the region. The company can provide even better quality in the new factory hall. Its machines are key in ensuring that the prestigious production lines of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the Rába undercarriages or the INA-Schaeffler bearings work as intended.
István Losonczi – “In addition to our guests, I also wish to greet our regular partners and customers, whose loyalty expressed by turning to us again and again for years is key to our success. Naturally, our occasional clients are equally important, and we strive to serve them to the best of our ability”, Losonczi István greeted those present.

He continued by recalling that he had been employed for many years, without even thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, until he was compelled to do so. This was a move that he has never regretted. Since hír6.hu has already reported on the current development and the launching of the company itself, we will focus on the new things that have occurred after the official handover of the hall on 5 December 2013. While back then we reported about the completion of the hall, now we will focus on the way the building, with a floor space of nearly 1,350 square meters, has been fitted. The hall was equipped with a coordinate measuring instrument, a laser marker, two bridge cranes and a forklift, while a new CNC grinder has been recently ordered.
“We strive to create a modern and high-quality working environment for our employees, since the satisfaction of our valued employees is key for running a successful company”, continued István Losonczi.

The total cost of the investment is close to HUF 300 million. This amount was used for building a nearly 1,350 square-meter tool factory and an office building. Thanks to the development, six new jobs were created, thus helping to improve the employment figures of the region.

Dr Ferenc Dávid – “We are frequently asked why it is so difficult to do business in Hungary. Why is the life of entrepreneurs so demanding? Why does the state neglect them? In fact, the state has the reputation of heavily taxing businesses. However, when you enter such a hall, all this is instantly forgotten. Békéscsaba is a small rural settlement, and it is a commendable thing to achieve this much in this region. What is even more uplifting is that István Losonczi was able to do all this together with his wife. This is a huge thing that few manage to do, and also very important from an employment perspective”, said Dr Ferenc Dávid, Secretary General of VOSZ.

Mihály László Nagy – “Those who were born here and live here wish to succeed here. Competitiveness is greatly significant in everyday life, since we can only move forward by competing with our peers in the market. This is what drives us to create better products, while keeping an eye on the demand.

Today, we see a great example of how to make a business competitive and ensure its growth”, added Mihály László Nagy, President of VOSZ in Békés County.
The factory hall, built as a new investment in the Almáskerti Industrial Park of Békéscsaba, is a milestone not only in the life of the company, but also in the life of the county seat of Békéscsaba.

Source: Hír6.hu

2013 “Magyar Gazdaságért” Award

2013 “Magyar Gazdaságért” Award

In 2013, the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) organized the Day of Entrepreneurs for the fifteenth time at the Palace of Arts. The event was attended by nearly 600 entrepreneurs from all over the country. This is one of the most prestigious business forums in Hungary, the highlight of which is the presentation of state and ministerial awards and honors.
In 2013, the “Magyar Gazdaságért” Awards were handed over by Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga. The honors went to entrepreneurs with outstanding professional activity—including István Losonczi, founder and managing director of Losonczi Innovation Kft. (List of honorees)