Inauguration of a new hall

In 2013, a long-cherished dream came true when our company moved to its own premises. Keeping in mind both innovation and sustainability, we have built a factory hall that will be able to serve the constantly changing customer demand in the upcoming decades, while maintaining modern, high-quality working conditions for our employees.
The inauguration ceremony was also reported in the newspaper of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ). You can read the interview made on the occasion of the inauguration below.

The Second Inauguration in the Almáskerti Industrial Park

The success of a VOSZ member company
Once again, the partners, friends, investment stakeholders and media representatives were invited to an inauguration by Losonczi Kft. The company inaugurated their new factory hall in December, and now they have presented the machines they would use in the nearly 1,500 square-meter building.

Losonczi Kft. from Békéscsaba is a dynamically growing company that has been dealing in precision tool manufacturing since 1995. Handed over for the second time, the factory hall, now complete with a new measuring room, represents a technical standard and value that is unique in the region. The company can provide even better quality in the new factory hall. Its machines are key in ensuring that the prestigious production lines of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the Rába undercarriages or the INA-Schaeffler bearings work as intended.
István Losonczi – “In addition to our guests, I also wish to greet our regular partners and customers, whose loyalty expressed by turning to us again and again for years is key to our success. Naturally, our occasional clients are equally important, and we strive to serve them to the best of our ability”, Losonczi István greeted those present.

He continued by recalling that he had been employed for many years, without even thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, until he was compelled to do so. This was a move that he has never regretted. Since hí has already reported on the current development and the launching of the company itself, we will focus on the new things that have occurred after the official handover of the hall on 5 December 2013. While back then we reported about the completion of the hall, now we will focus on the way the building, with a floor space of nearly 1,350 square meters, has been fitted. The hall was equipped with a coordinate measuring instrument, a laser marker, two bridge cranes and a forklift, while a new CNC grinder has been recently ordered.
“We strive to create a modern and high-quality working environment for our employees, since the satisfaction of our valued employees is key for running a successful company”, continued István Losonczi.

The total cost of the investment is close to HUF 300 million. This amount was used for building a nearly 1,350 square-meter tool factory and an office building. Thanks to the development, six new jobs were created, thus helping to improve the employment figures of the region.

Dr Ferenc Dávid – “We are frequently asked why it is so difficult to do business in Hungary. Why is the life of entrepreneurs so demanding? Why does the state neglect them? In fact, the state has the reputation of heavily taxing businesses. However, when you enter such a hall, all this is instantly forgotten. Békéscsaba is a small rural settlement, and it is a commendable thing to achieve this much in this region. What is even more uplifting is that István Losonczi was able to do all this together with his wife. This is a huge thing that few manage to do, and also very important from an employment perspective”, said Dr Ferenc Dávid, Secretary General of VOSZ.

Mihály László Nagy – “Those who were born here and live here wish to succeed here. Competitiveness is greatly significant in everyday life, since we can only move forward by competing with our peers in the market. This is what drives us to create better products, while keeping an eye on the demand.

Today, we see a great example of how to make a business competitive and ensure its growth”, added Mihály László Nagy, President of VOSZ in Békés County.
The factory hall, built as a new investment in the Almáskerti Industrial Park of Békéscsaba, is a milestone not only in the life of the company, but also in the life of the county seat of Békéscsaba.

Source: Hí