The most innovative project of the year in manufacturing

Our AXIS PRO measuring device has now won six domestic and one international professional award, since in the spring of 2023 it won the category ‘The most innovative project of the year in manufacturing’ of the Factory of the Year project competition!


In 2023, the GyártásTrend technology magazine announced the Factory of the Year Project Competition for the first time, continuing the spirit of the previous Factory of the Year competitions and adapting to the challenges of our time, with industrial projects that increase the efficiency of production.

It was a great honour for us that our AXIS PRO measuring machine was found worthy of the award from the illustrious range of competition, in which, among others, Knorr-Bremse Railway Systems Hungária Kft. and Ganz Transzformátor- és Electricity Forgópéggyártó Kft. also participated with their projects.