Business Ethics Award 2022

In 2022, Losonczi Innovation was deemed worthy of winning the Business Ethics Award in the Small Business category. The award, founded 23 years ago by Mária Demcsák and Professor Ervin László, was once again given this year to 10 excellent companies, thus joining the circle of 130 members who can forever hold the title of the Business Ethics Award. It’s a great honor for us to be members of such an illustrious company and we will proudly bear the label of a business ethical company.

The jury’s assessment of our company:

“The multi-generational tool manufacturing company in Békéscsaba is simply good-hearted. What they have, they share it with others. And they do this as the best employer and the holder of many professional awards. An excellent, ethical company.”

You can read the article about the award ceremony and the awarded companies at the following link: